Three Tools to Monitor Website Traffic

 This will allow you to determine if the traffic coming to your site is staying around and engaging with your content. Go to Insights >> Settings from your WordPress dashboard. Get Web traffic service

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SiteChecker Pro allows you to analyze website traffic. After the results load, you'll find many useful insights that will help you gauge site performance and understand the strategy. SEMRush offers a complete suite of online marketing solutions. The Clicky plugin's spy function allows users to view traffic in real-time, right from the moment that a URL is published. This plugin is a great choice if you are looking for a WordPress traffic tool that doesn't require any extra features. Keep up-to-date with the latest news and marketing tips. You'll notice that almost every Ahrefs post has many comments. As I mentioned, bloggers are happy to share current traffic figures with advertisers.

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics account

SimilarWeb does not offer a 7-day trial. SimilarWeb estimates total traffic, while Ahrefs estimates organic traffic (i.e. Google). The Spearman correlation data shows that Ahrefs, as well as SimilarWeb, have strong positive correlations with "real" traffic. This is where you compare the sites and rank them according to traffic.

These keywords can be used to generate new content ideas to increase your organic traffic. You can track where they came from and see the traffic sources to specific pages. This allows you to measure how people found your site.

This tool is valuable if your business relies on large numbers of visitors to generate leads and sales. This tool monitors sales and tracks conversion rates. It also shows you how many site visitors have purchased from your site. Ubersuggest has a unique combination of SEO coaching, courses, research tools, traffic estimates, keyword information, and coaching.


Advertise pages will be available on competitors' websites if they offer advertising or other collaboration opportunities. You might be able to see their traffic if they have one. It is also helpful to know that Alexa has only data on websites visited by millions of users. They also have data from direct sources. Ahrefs's analysis showed that their tool underestimated unique organic visitors on 74.14% of the websites it looked at. There are many tools available that can help you check website traffic, both free and paid.

A media kit, or press kit, usually contains not only traffic statistics but also information on the audience and places where the site has been featured. When you are checking website traffic in this manner, it is important to note when the Advertise Page was last updated. You can assume that the data is incorrect if an Advertise page hasn’t been updated for six months or more.

Although tools can often provide the best results, it is important to remember that traffic stats are only estimates. These tools are the best way to see website traffic from your competitors. However, there are other ways. These methods require more effort but can provide more precise results. If your site receives a lot of organic visitors, it is important to know the keywords that rank your site.

Accredit your website and boost your online reputation. I've created a website, but it doesn't show up in google search. You might not be aware of the keywords that your visitors searched for, as more people log into Google to search. You shouldn't use "to indicate that you are looking for a match for "advertise with us", as your visitors might be using a different name.

These are some methods to check website traffic without paying for paid or free tools. Quantcast offers a limited, free version that focuses on data about your website. We hope that you enjoyed our article about how to track website traffic with Google Analytics. You can also read our article about why Google Analytics is important for your business, which you can access right away.